Monday, February 21, 2011

Cookie Fiesta!

To many of my friends and family it appears as though I woke up one day and said to myself “I think I’ll bake cookies.” However the truth is a bit more complicated. It all started back in December. My birthday is in December and my mother in law had invited me on a dinner and shopping date to celebrate. One of the topics we discussed was the book she had written, Quilt Fiesta, and her plan to host an open house to celebrate its publication. She had ideas for the menu: chili, taquitos, salsa, Mexican cheeses and sangria. It all sounded wonderful but I thought it needed something sweet.

“Wouldn’t it be cute if you had cookies that looked like the quilts in your book?” 

It was one of those comments, a great idea but I really had no idea about how to accomplish such a task. My MIL’s eyes grew a bit larger and I could tell she loved the idea. I told her I would look into it and get back to her.

With my love for blogs-cooking, events, fashion, home décor, coupon clipping, funny cats(just to name a few of my favorite topics)-I had seen edible images used on cookies before and I started to do some research on the best way get my MIL’s images onto cookies. At first I thought the easiest thing to do would be to purchase the edible images and apply them to the cookies myself. But the more I looked into that option, the more I discovered how expensive these little images were going to be. So I said to myself, “I can just make them myself and have the ability to make edible image cookies whenever I want”.

I started looking into my options for printers, ink and paper. I made my purchases and I started my testing. And what I discover was that I could indeed make them myself!

My first attempt at making edible image cookie!

I spent many weeks testing cookie recipes. I kept getting great feedback but I wasn’t happy with the recipes until I finally crossed a sugar cookie with a shortbread cookie. After all, it wasn’t enough for the cookies to look pretty, they had to taste amazing too! I tested the different types of edible paper and frosting sheets and the different techniques to apply the images. I ate more than my fair share of test cookies and never lacked in volunteer testers. Finally, I had a cookie I loved and the ability to make and apply any images I desired!

Yesterday was the open house for my MIL’s book. It took a lot of testing, a lot of cookie sampling, a lot of time and a great amount of effort but here is my final product!

And I must say, they were a huge hit and I have a very happy mother in law!


  1. You are one talented Chica! I am so proud of you, but not suprised. Go forth and conquer! Let me know when you are selling them.... I can see so many reasons to have them! XXOOXX "Auntie" Sue

  2. Your MIL was the most appreciative woman in the universe. Ole Olivia. You are definitely a keeper.

  3. These are simply amazing! Your MIL is a very lucky woman. (But it sounds like she already knows that.)

  4. We're both very lucky! Auntie Sue, I'd love to make cookies for you. Send me an email and we can discuss what you would like!

  5. Hi Olivia,

    I just saw your cookies on Cheryl's blog!!! You did an amazing job with transforming the true essence of her quilt idea of the Spanish tiles to the cookies!
    You are a true artist!

  6. Beautiful cookies! Good luck with your business.